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New Kitten Resources

Congratulations on your new addition to the family and a BIG thank you for choosing Sequist Animal Hospital as your veterinary provider. Our number one goal is to provide a loving and safe environment for each pet.
      We are so excited to grow with you and your pet and are proud to say that we will always put your pet’s health first. It is our pride and joy to work with you throughout their life.  We are here for any questions you may have but we hope that this page of information and resources will help you get started with your new family member.

Welcome Letter

Neutering, Microchip, pre A

Feline Vaccines

What to feed your new kitten

Feline Preventatives

Preventing Pet Poisoning Emergencies

Pet Insurance

How to trim a cats claws

How to brush your pet’s teeth

How to habituate your cat to a carrier

Fear-Free Kitten Socialization Bingo