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Pet Acupuncture & Herbals

We are proud to offer veterinary acupuncture here at Sequist Animal Hospital. Dr. Emily Bond is certified through the Chi Institute. She is also working on her certification in traditional Chinese herbal medication through the Chi Institute.

Pet Acupuncture & Herbals


Acupuncture is an ancient healing art that began thousands of years ago in China. Initially, acupuncture was performed on horses and then later developed to be used in livestock and companion animals.

Acupuncture is used after a complete Chinese Medical Assessment of your animal has been performed to determine the imbalance which exists. Once this has been performed, specific meridians (channels) through the body are located, and small needles are inserted to perform healing functions.

This form of healing work is based on bringing the body back into balance. Acupuncture causes the body to release endorphins and hormones while at the same time decreasing inflammation both internally and externally.

Acupressure, aquapuncture (injecting medications into specific acupuncture points), electro-acupuncture (stimulating the acupuncture points with a gentle current of energy), and hemoacupuncture (releasing a small amount of blood from certain points) are various techniques used to aid in the healing process.

Most animals are great candidates for acupuncture – some even fall asleep during their treatments!

Chinese Herbal Medication

Chinese Herbal Medication is another form of Traditional Chinese Medication which also began thousands of years ago in China. Similar to acupuncture, a complete Chinese Medical Assessment is needed to determine the correct the remedy for your pet’s specific condition.

Herbal medication comes in both powder and capsule formulations, and we will determine what might be best for your pet at your appointment.