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Pet Surgical Procedures

Here at Sequist Animal Hospital, our surgeon performs a variety of soft tissue surgical procedures as well as orthopedic surgery.

Pet Surgical Procedures

Soft tissue surgeries are primarily performed using an electrosurgical unit. Electrosurgery refers to the use of a specialized instrument during surgical procedures on your pet. There are three main reasons why we take this approach with our soft tissue procedures.

  1. It seals small blood vessels, which reduces bleeding and helps with precision.
  2. It seals nerve endings which assist with reducing your pet’s pain.
  3. It allows less tearing and bruising of your pet’s skin, which reduces post-operative swelling.

Some of the common soft tissue surgeries that are performed include spays, castrations, and mass removals. There are many other soft tissue procedures, including gastrointestinal surgery, which could include removal of foreign objects or diseased sections of the intestine, bladder surgery to remove stones, and splenectomy. Your veterinarian will discuss what your pet requires.