Pet Surgical Services

Our experienced veterinarians provide many surgical services at our clinic, ranging from routine to advanced procedures.

Pet Surgical Services

Because we want to ensure that our patients receive the best possible outcome, we occasionally refer them to specialists (board-certified veterinary surgeons) to perform complex operations when advanced equipment or training will be beneficial. Our veterinary team takes every precaution so that your pet receives the highest-quality care. We perform a physical exam and preanesthetic testing before surgery, monitor your pet during surgery, and provide appropriate pain medication to keep your pet comfortable during recovery.

Spay and Neuter Surgical Procedures

These two sterilization procedures are done under general anesthesia, with your pet fully asleep and intubated (with a breathing tube in their throat). Cat castrations are one exception; these are performed with an injectable anesthetic because it is a faster procedure. Before receiving general anesthesia, your pet is given an injection of medication to make them sleepy and to help with pain relief. Your pet’s vital parameters, including oxygen level and heart rate, are monitored by a veterinary technician or veterinary assistant (with the aid of a machine) while they are under anesthesia. We use special equipment, such as heating blankets, to ensure your pet’s comfort and safety during their procedure.

Surgical Procedures

Here at Sequist Animal Hospital, our surgeon performs a variety of soft tissue surgical procedures.

Soft tissue surgeries are primarily performed using an electrosurgical unit. Electrosurgery refers to the use of a specialized instrument during surgical procedures on your pet.