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Wellness Visits

Learn more about our wellness visits below.

Physical Exams

Your dog will be thoroughly evaluated for changes in their oral health, body condition, joint health, ear and eye health, and skin coat quality. If any abnormality is observed, it can be a sign of illness and/or disease.

Diagnostic Screenings

Testing your dog’s blood, feces, and urine can help us to detect, manage and track their overall health, allowing us to have an advantage on early onset of illness and disease.

Detailed Results

We have the ability to evaluate results and compare any change that occurs in between testing. Any change can act as an early warning sign of health problems that can be managed medicall by your veterinarian.

Why is your pet’s routine wellness visit so important?

Routine wellness visits are a great way to help your dog live a healthy life for as long as possible. These visits can also help the Sequist Animal Hospital team catch potential health issues earlier and may help you avoid additional costs associated with treatments if the disease goes undetected. We have multiple plans for your pet’s needs. Call us directly at 802-888-7776 or contact us today to get started.